Officeworks – dealing with 3

One of our readers reports that, in dealing with the Officeworks store at Northmead, NSW, he finds that it’s often quite difficult to find a team member to help you, and that, even if you find one, he or she is often too busy to provide help, and if you are seeking help on anything that’s at all complicated, they can’t help you anyway.

So, today, on Fri. 24 Jan, at 8.42 am, this was emailed to the store, using the ordinary email address –

We’ll let you know what happens next.

What fascinates us, and we’ve written about this before, is that Officeworks is a subsidiary of Wesfarmers, and Wesfarmers has an ordinary email address on it’s homepage – – and that other readers have reported that when they’ve had any problems with Officeworks, they’ve copied any emails sent to Officeworks to this email address, and even though, according to Wikipedia, Wesfarmers has 223,ooo employees!!! they’ve found that it has people standing by that provide prompt and effective assistance.

And, of course, Bunnings is a Wesfarmers subsidiary, and it seems to us that many of the things we’ve written about Officeworks apply to Bunnings as well.

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