JustAnswer – dealing with 2

Further to this previous post, originally dated 4 Jun. 2018, in which we pointed out that we had these two problems with JustAnswer – (1) that it didn’t seem possible for those who sought help and information to choose the consultant to provide the help and information, it was always chosen by JustAnswer, and, (2) that is seemed that claims abounded on the internet that the information that was provided to pay the $5 initial deposit, which they required before they did anything, was used to take money to which they weren’t entitled.

Since then we’ve come across a third problem – instances where you can think you’ve gone to another website to ask for help and information, but you’ve been tricked into going to JustAnswer. So you’ve got to be careful. We can’t recall any instances of this at present, but if and when we come across one or more in the future, we’ll add the details to this post.

And, in relation to the second problem, it is occurred to us that there may be two different means of paying the initial deposit – those in which the details can be used to take monies to which they’re not entitled, and those in which they can’t. For example, if we pay the initial $5 deposit by a Visa Credit Card, does this put them in the position to take further monies? Obviously, if there are these two different types, and we decide to deal with JustAnswer, it would be best to use one of the types which doesn’t enable them to take further monies. But, are there these two different types? At present we don’t know, and don’t know how to find out.

Perhaps there are readers who know, who could provide us with information on this, which we could perhaps use ourselves and perhaps share with other readers.

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