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To us, after the developments during the last 30 years or so, we’re in the midst of a quite remarkable revolution in the ways in which, we, the people, can get help and information – to us it’s no less extraordinary than the revolution in which, we’ve gone, over the last 100 years or so, from being restricted in our means of transport to horses and buggies, to having the option of travelling in electric motor cars. And it’s a revolution that has a lot further to go.

And part of this revolution has been the development, apparently comparatively recently, of chat facilities.┬áIncreasingly, we’re coming across information technology consultants, at least, who we can chat with, which we find quite exciting. If we go to their websites, we find something like this on them,

and we can start chatting.

Over a relatively short time – say 30 to 60 minutes – we can get help and information, and most importantly, at least with, say,, we get it in writing – within a short time of concluding the chat, at least with some chat facilities, perhaps not all, we receive an email which includes a transcript of the whole chat.

Of course, if you don’t end up with anything in writing, the chat facilities become no different to telephone discussions and face-to-face consultations, in which you so often find yourself dealing with people who are not very knowledgeable or helpful.

One of the advantages of having things in writing, is that, if you receive something that you feel is of poor quality, you can email it to the top management of the organisation you’re dealing with, which MAY result in you getting something better – if, as is so often the case, it turns out that no one in the top management could care less, you should obviously be looking for a better organisation to deal with.

As far as we’re concerned, being able to use chat facilities is not as good as being able to send off emails seeking help and information, and, in due course, getting a high quality response, but it’s certainly the next best thing. And, in one respect, it may even be better – with the chat facilities, which we’re still learning about, it appears that you can usually get your help and information within an hour, whereas it may take longer than that, perhaps much longer, to get an email response.

We hope to gradually put together a list of consultants who have chat facilities. If any of our readers have come across any such consultants, please send their details to us so we can add them to our list. In the meantime, what we’re suggesting, and starting to do ourselves, is when we come across a person or an organisation that may have a chat facility, we simply Google “Their Website Chat.”

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